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Let’s Go to Rose Motel 2: Thirst

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Let’s Go to Rose Motel 2: Thirst (2014) Download / Watch Online Streaming Korean Adult Drama Erotic Hot 18+ Movie Full HD Film Semi Let’s Go to Rose Motel 2: Thirst 2014 HDRip K-Movie 720p / 480p (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Campus couple Sang-yeol (Kim Myeong-joong) and Mi-na (Lim So-mi) are a married couple who maintain their living as a magazine reporter and pretty famous writer. Sang-yeol, who is always at home writing, has been in an affair with his neighbor and collegemate Da-yeong (Hwang Jeong-ah) for quite a while. Then one day, Mina runs into Da-yeong and exchanges phone numbers. Mina starts to suspect the frequent phone calls to her husband from an unknown number. She finds out Da-yeong is the one he’s been cheating on her with but she isn’t upset.

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