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Whn the day had no name

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Raping step mother Maki Miyashita (2017) sinopsis Maki who remarried with Kenzo Yamazaki, a 15-year-old businessman. In less than a year after marriage, Kenzo worsened with diabetes
She is not doing her husband properly. In addition, the relationship between her husband, who struggles with illness, and her son, Masao, is not good. His step-son, Masao, I do not think he will get married to his newly married father.
Makie is having a hard day in family disagreement and frustration.
Her husband, Kenzo, then leaves the house with a long-term overseas trip.
Maki, left alone with his step son, calls Masao for dinner.
At last, Masao’s friends came to play, and Masao forced Machi to get his father’s drink.
Machi is forced to drink alcohol with Masao and his friends,

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